Thursday, 26 January 2012

6 months out

Okay, I know, and people have been telling me, "You've still got a ways to go before you set off!" and now I'm starting to believe that I may well have peaked too early! I'm pretty much just waiting around now, filled with apprehension and concerned about what lurks behind every corner, which is not a great way to feel before pushing off on a journey that will last many, many months.

Cheesy I know, but it had to be done!
'twas a Christmas pressie.

When I made the decision to go off gallivanting around the world on a motorcycle I assumed that it would take years to plan, especially as I had very little in the way of gear and equipment. I also had little or no idea of how to cope with logistics such as scheduling, communication, border crossings etc. But the preparation hasn't taken anywhere near as long as I'd imagined, and in no time at all I had this site up and running, I started communicating with like minded people on Twitter and before long I had amassed enough equipment and information to get myself into a state of readiness. I'm not however, under any illusion that I have everything under control, not by a long shot, but I'm comfortable with what I have in place. One of my peculiarities is that I fiddle with stuff, and look for alternative ways of doing things and I worry! I sometimes think that I would've been better off conceiving the idea and setting off the following week.

Anyway, the date of departure is getting closer and before long I'll be thinking about which kind of security to use for the dreaded Carnet, and about vaccinations, fresh insulin and my Indonesian visa. Before anyone asks, the reason I'm applying for a visa rather than just picking one up in Timor Leste is that by applying for one I can get 60 days but a visa on arrival will only allow 30, and I can't be bothered with the inconvenience of applying for an extension in some queue ladened office along the way.

I think about this trip every day and I'm filled with trepidation, but certain thoughts help me put things into perspective. I think about all the other people in the world doing similar who I'm going to meet, and knowing I'm NOT out there all by myself. I imagine how exciting every day is going to be, unsure of what I'll see, who I'll meet and what food I'll enjoy. Another thing that helps me believe that I can achieve my goal is when I compare Ted Simon's first motorcycle adventure to my own, he started out in 1973 with nothing like the equipment or technology that I have at my disposal and he had the time of his life. Despite my apprehension, every time I fire up the Beemer and go for a ride in the countryside and hear that smooth 'bokka bokka' as I pootle along, I just can't wait to get on my way!

As soon as the the temperatures start to drop here in Western Australia, I'm planning on going for a sojourn to a place I've wanted to visit for a while, and that is Kalgoorlie, I've been very close in the past but never quite got there. This will probably be my last opportunity to trial everything, so I'll load the bike exactly as it will be for the big trip and head off for a few days to make sure that all will be as it needs to be.

One of the final things on my 'to do list' was the medical kit. I must admit to believing "nothing will happen to me" when it comes to injury and illness, but inevitably it will. So I've assembled a kit that I hope will suffice when it comes to my personal medical care. I don't believe it's possible to plan for every eventuality, just the minor incidents. If anyone out there following my progress watches this movie and believes I've missed something, please let me know!

Medical kit

For those that have arrived here by accident and are wondering what the hell I'm doing, then check out 'When and where', unsure of where I'm planning to go, have a look at 'Maps', want to know more about the Beemer and it's bits and pieces, then suss out 'The bike'. And of course if you want to keep me company along the way, 'bookmark' me or follow me on Twitter, It's good to have you along.


Matthew Cashmore said...

Fab post dude - only thing I'd add to your kit is perhaps a couple more bandages... but more importantly one of these - - keep it somewhere to hand.... oh yes... and some laxatives. I promise it's very easy to get constipated on the road.

David Brookes said...

Thanks for that Matthew, it's always good to get help from people with experience. I will be going shopping again today. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to get the Cederroth Bandage locally but I'll try before ordering online. Thanks again. See you out there! David.

Matt said...

Hi, found your blog through the HUBB, you far more organised than we hit the road, definitely a good thing!

Looking forward to reading more!

If you've got any questions or fancy a beer and a chat about life on the road we are currently in Perth.


Matt & Kim