Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Keeping in touch

I would be the first to admit that I know very little about the ever changing world of telecommunications, I am a self confessed techoplonker! I've been agonising over the best solution to keep my mobile easily accessible to others, the most economical way of keeping in touch with them, as well as being able to make local calls to Hotels, Tour Operators etc. Using my mobile with International Roaming would be too expensive, and guided by others, was led to believe that the best way to use my mobile in foreign countries would be to buy a local SIM card in each. Trouble with the latter, I would have to call everyone to let them know my new number every time I changed the SIM.


But I think I've found the solution. TravelSIM. TravelSIM is one of many companies offering an easy to use prepaid service that allows the user to make and receive calls, send and receive texts and download data. You replace your existing SIM card, which means a new phone number, but at least you can travel with this same number wherever you go. Following much comparison of rates etc. we decided that TravelSIM is going to be the best and cheapest way for me to travel with my mobile. Within a week of me purchasing my TravelSIM I received a call from them asking if all was well and do I need help setting it up, which I thought was great, but it is a very straight forward process that even I could understand.

I won't be using my phone for data as even this method would prove to be ridiculously expensive. I will just wait until I can get WiFi connectivity and then use either my phones WiFi or my macbook. For those that may wish to call, my phone number is under Contact and my SIM will be in the phone just before 7.00am on August 1st!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

3 months to go!

I've just finished Skyping with one of my oldest and dearest friends in the UK. The general content of the conversation was that of his latest business developments, fluff and nonsense. Then the inevitable, we started discussing the trip. Andy's last few comments made for healthy discourse regarding personal well-being and made me wonder am I overconfident, inconsiderate of those who care for me, ignorant of what lies ahead?

It's difficult to know what lies ahead, I've planned for what I think is out there but who really knows what's in store? I'm not an experienced traveller and despite my years, not overly wise of the World. I have tapped into as many sources of information as I can, some are inapplicable, others sheer fantasy and some helpful. Helpful not just because they offer solutions but because they offer encouragement. There are many that pour cold water on such dreams, and there are those that have done similar and promote the benefits both individual and global. I prefer to think I'm more receptive of the latter, but can't help noticing the doubters.

In years my work colleagues describe me as past it, my back suffers terribly, I have type one diabetes and on top of all that I have a poor memory. In the opinions of some this puts me in the high risk category. Does that mean I shouldn't do this? I don't think so. I realise that I may be unnerving a minority group, those who care for me, but please accommodate my vagary. I'll be safe and sound in the UK before you know it.

Everyone should have a goal, however small, and most people I know do. My current goal is obvious and I plan on succeeding. I want to meet all those people in the UK who send me tweets of encouragement, and I want to be able to tell them about all the places of interest on my places of interest map, meaning I plan to stay close to my planned route. I believe that without the support and encouragement of others I would not have complete confidence in what I'm doing.


Andy has threatened to meet up with me somewhere along the way, perhaps Italy, and if this happens it would truly be one of the highlights of the trip. Many years ago we used to scratch around the lanes of Derbyshire having what seemed to be the time of our lives. Time has moved on quite considerably and to capture some of that old magic on the tarmac of Southern Italy would be fantastic. And yes mate, I will get an SOS Talisman!

Anyway I digress. Three months to go, I'm not filled with confidence but i can't wait to push off! There's a few things that need to be sorted out as I get closer to the date, book the ship for Timor Leste, get my international driving permit, get my Carnet and Indonesian visa and that's it... if I didn't think of it before hand I'll just have to sort it out on the road.

Scared? When I lay in bed at night, cosy and warm, I'm absolutely filled with dread. When I'm up and about in the 'warm' light of day, I simply can't wait to get out there.