Thursday, 5 July 2012

3 weeks to go!

Well I can do no more! I reckon all I have to do now is wait until August 1, go into the garage dressed appropriately and press the starter button on the Beemer.

I've had all the vaccinations I need to get me underway, I've just one more Hepititis injection to go, which I don't need until the end of November, around about Kuala Lumpur.

My plan to get a 60 day indonesian visa worked well. I applied at the consulate rather than in Timor Leste where they only authorise 30 days. There was a little bit of a caffufel at the consulate because I didn't have airline or shipping tickets but they soon got over that and issued a visa regardless. I'm travelling with my British Passport, as I have to leave my Australian passport for Lynne to send to the Pakistan consulate in Canberra a couple of months prior to me needing their visa. This is because I have to apply for a Pakistan visa in my country of residence.

My Carnet de Passage application is in. I was planning to use a bank guarantee as security but this proved to be ridiculously expensive due to the set up fee required by the bank. In theory this should've been the most economical method of providing security but Westpac's greed put paid to that! We certainly don't have enough personal funds to cover 470% of the bikes value so I opted for the complete waste of money method, indemnity insurance. However, the RAC requested the application be supplied electronically which gave me the opportunity to use my Photoshop skills to make the dealership valuation slightly more favourable for Carnet affordability.

The Beemer has just had its 20,000km service with no reported problems, other than the bill. When did servicing a BMW get so bloody expensive? when I looked at the bill I thought I'd bought a new one! My tyres are a little worn and had planned to have new ones fitted in Darwin. I organised for a local Darwin bike shop to have them in stock, but I doubt my rear tyre will cope well with the Gibb River Road so I've fitted a new one. If the Bike shop in Darwin insist I buy the pair I'll carry the rear until it's needed.

On the road I plan to restrict my moving days to around 400km a day. This way I'll have time to enjoy the scenery and also give me time to find somewhere to kip. However this plan has already been foiled as I need to do a couple of longer rides to get me to Darwin in time for the ship which will take the Beemer to Darwin. It's proving difficult to get a confirmed date for when the boat will leave but the scheduled 'cargo cut-off date' is 3.00pm 13th August. I'm hoping this is one of only a couple of occasions when I'll need to be somewhere at a specified time.

I'm nearly there, stay tuned. 3 weeks to go. Next post will be Perth to...