Monday, 20 August 2012

Home again : (

Day 18, Left Ceduna in the pouring rain just before sunrise, took shelter in the slipstream of a west bound road train in an effort to keep safe from any suicidal wildlife. Not too long before the sun was up and the rain abated. The sky was full of cloud but nothing came other than a few brief showers, nothing to worry the Rev'it gear. The Beemer just burbled along without a care in the world, I have been so pleased with the efficiency and performance of my bike and could not wish for a better mount. There are doubters of the GSA's reliability and suitability for long distance rides but I can't fault the bike one bit. I put it through hell on the Gibb River Road and subjected it to long distances between stops and it has never faulted. Today was to be an exceptionally long ride and I am racing the sun to the horizon, a race that can't be won. All of the riding today was done on the Eyre Highway which makes its way through the Nullarbor National Park, hence the reason that some call todays stretch 'crossing the Nullarbor". It's a long and tedious section of road which also takes in 'Ninety Mile Straight' which is the longest straight section of tarmac in Australia. Despite this, the scenery does vary quite a bit even though Nullarbor translates to 'treeless plain'. I eventually made it to Norseman, a distance of 1250kms for the day and across the border into Western Australia. I arrived just as the sun was setting behind the trees, which made for a strobed dash through the final few kilometres. On the run into town I noticed a sign for the Railway Hotel which for some reason sounded appealing, perhaps the thought of accommodation and the promise of a pint. I checked out the local motels on the way through and found them to be above my budget. The Railway Hotel is undergoing renovations which would appear to be out of reach for the current young owner, but she's doing a wonderful job all the same. A warm welcome awaits, and I doubt more affordable accommodation can be found anywhere in town. I paid $40 for b&b and nothing was too much trouble, with the added bonus of this being a beautiful old art deco building, I felt like Clarke Gable! Norseman is a small town surrounded by iron ore mines. Unfortunately for the local hoteliers & businesses the mining companies in this part of Australia supply their employees with on-site accommodation, so they fly in and fly out without spending a single cent locally, doesn't seem fair does it?


Day 19, It was a cold night last night and the temperature when setting off was 1˚C. This is the final leg with just 680kms to get me home. It's a familiar ride as it mainly consists of the ride back from Kalgoorlie which I did just a few months ago. The day developed into one of winter's sunny ones, which made for a great ride. Before long I was riding up the street towards home. I never thought that I'd be seeing this place again, but it's strange how things turn out ain't it? I was welcomed by Lynne and Nancy the cat, who tentatively await my next adventure.


Despite the initial disappointment of needing to curtail my original plan, I have thoroughly enjoyed my ride through some of this great country. All the equipment that I bought for the trip worked absolutely perfectly and the way that everything was packed and fitted to the bike made life on the road easy, so the months of planning and preparation were worthwhile. I may not be able to make safe passage through Indonesia and South East Asia because of the high temperature effect on my insulin, but I have plans to ride Europe, and North Asia very soon. Now I have the job of cleaning up, which will give me a great chance to reflect on everything. I enjoyed it, and I hope you did too. Best wishes 8)


Daniel said...

HI David,

Had a read through the blog today to catch up on how your trip was going. Brilliant is clearly an understatement. Man you have had some sweet riding. Keeper on two wheels.

Daniel & Sara

Hairysnid said...

It's been great keeping up with your trip David. I'm realy looking forward to the big one! When do you think you'll be setting off?

Souper Dave.

David Brookes said...

Hey Souper Dave, great to hear from you. Not sure just yet, have to get back to the UK first. But one good thing about the trip that failed is that I met people like you. Can't wait for the TT again!
Regards, Dave.

freewheelinsouth said...

Hi Dave,

Great to finally read your blog. Congrats on finishing - awesome trip and you have some great pics!! Well we have just finished the Gibb - it was tough but worth it! Now in Derby heading for Broome tomorrow from where we rent a car and drive to Perth (dont have time to ride). We'll be in Perth on 5th or 6th Oct - would be great to catch up and share stories. Hope you are well, all the best

Will and Tami