The plan was to use this space to publish on-board videos shot with a Contour HD1080P video camera. The camera can be helmet mounted or mounted on the motorbike but after running numerous tests it turns out that for a motorcycle the Contour was not the perfect tool. There proved to be more negatives than positives with that particular camera so it ended up on eBay and went to a better, more deserving home. So once I'm on the move this is the place where you'll find statically shot movie updates taken with my trusty Panasonic DMC-FT3. Until then, enjoy these carefully selected movies...

The Worldbiker.

How to become a legend.

Dakar the movie 2012.

How to ride a GS Adventure well!

Bikes and sights, Sicily.

The never ending list of 'must have' accessories!

You can have so much more fun on a GS!

Best Clips IOM TT 2011.